Check It Out Singers

Check It Out Singers


Directed by Todd Thompson


Recording: Check It Out, Songs for Kids see it here

Mission Statement and short history of the group:

The Check It Out Singers’ mission is kids performing for kids.  The group is made up of boys and girls, ages 5-12.  We rehearse once a week on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm.  We perform about ten times a year.  Todd Thompson directs the group (he started the group in 1991).

His approach with the kids involves building their self confidence so they can explore and develop their voices and performing abilities on their own and with others.  Some of the techniques, in addition to singing, he works on with the kids are breathing, warming up the voice, using a microphone, dancing, mimicking, and posture.  The kids learn the music by rote, from a recording or from printed music, what ever works best.  They sing many kinds of music from rock and roll to classical.

The most important thing they learn is that by helping each other and staying positive any performance or rehearsal can be fun and rewarding.  They sing in schools, at community events, in restaurants, in churches, at hospitals, etc.

The name of the group comes from how the group was formed.  In 1991 Todd had a public access TV show called Check It Out that he produced along with Paul Hager at Northfield Television.  It was a science show; discovering and explaining different events and phenomenon.  To make a theme song for the show CraigWasner and Todd put some kids together to record the theme also called Check It Out.  They decided to make a CD length recording of children’s music.  The group of kids assembled for this recording (Check It Out, Songs for Kids) became the Check It Out Singers.


Partial list of places we sang:

Rice County Fair

Greenvale Elementary School

Minnehaha Lutheran Church

Early Childhood Education Fair

Shriner’s Hospital in Minneapolis, MN

Northfield Arts Guild events

Northfield High School events

KYMN radio station

Northfield Public Library events